A week in security (April 10 – 16)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • How the cops buy a \”God view\” of your location data, with Bennett Cyphers: Lock and Code S04E09
  • Apple releases emergency updates for two known-to-be-exploited vulnerabilities
  • Don\’t plug your phone into a free charging station, warns FBI
  • KFC, Pizza Hut owner employee data stolen in ransomware attack
  • Update now! April’s Patch Tuesday includes a fix for one zero-day
  • Google Pay accidentally handed out free money, bug now fixed
  • Sextortion \”assistance\” scammers con victims further
  • Massive malvertising campaign targets seniors via fake Weebly sites
  • Is AI being used for virtual kidnapping scams?
  • Port scan attacks: Protecting your business from RDP attacks and Mirai botnets

Exclusive ransomware reports:

  • Ransomware review: April 2023
  • Ransomware in the UK, April 2022–March 2023
  • Ransomware in France, April 2022–March 2023

Stay safe!

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