A week in security (February 20 – 26)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • GoAnywhere zero-day opened door to Clop ransomware
  • Chip company loses $250m after ransomware hits supply chain
  • GoDaddy says it\’s a victim of multi-year cyberattack campaign
  • Twitter and two-factor authentication: What\’s changing?
  • How to set up two-factor authentication on Twitter using an app
  • How to set up two-factor authentication on Twitter using a hardware key
  • Multilingual skimmer fingerprints \’secret shoppers\’ via Cloudflare endpoint API
  • HardBit ransomware tailors ransom to fit your cyber insurance payout
  • The 5 most dangerous cyberthreats facing businesses this year
  • Samsung adds Message Guard protection against zero-click exploits
  • DNA testing company fined after customer data theft
  • BlackCat ransomware targets another healthcare facility
  • Royal Mail schools LockBit in leaked negotiation
  • Malwarebytes wins 2023 CRN \’Coolest Endpoint And Managed Security Companies\’ award
  • Fake Amazon Prime email abuses LinkedIn\’s URL shortener
  • Arrested: Fearmongering data thieves who victimized thousands of businesses

Stay safe!

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