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Clasiopa group targets materials research in Asia
CERT of Ukraine says Russia-linked APT backdoored multiple govt sites
UK won the Military Cyberwarfare exercise Defence Cyber Marvel 2 (DCM2)
CISA warns of disruptive attacks amid the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Highly evasive cryptocurrency miner targets macOS
Hackers are actively exploiting CVE-2022-47966 flaw in Zoho ManageEngine
The alleged author of NLBrute Malware was extradited to US from Georgia
Fortinet FortiNAC CVE-2022-39952 flaw exploited in the wild hours after the release of PoC exploit
The European Commission has banned its staff from using TikTok over security concerns
Many cyber operations conducted by Russia are yet to be publicly disclosed, says Dutch intelligence
The number of devices infected by the MyloBot botnet is rapidly increasing
Experts found a large new class of bugs ‘class’ in Apple devices
CISA adds IBM Aspera Faspex and Mitel MiVoice to Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog
VMware addressed a critical bug in Carbon Black App Control
PoC exploit code for critical Fortinet FortiNAC bug released online
HardBit ransomware gang adjusts their demands so the insurance company would cover the ransom cost
Resecurity warns about cyber-attacks on data center service providers
Stealc, a new advanced infostealer appears in the threat landscape
A sophisticated threat actor hit cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase
Samsung announces Message Guard feature to neutralize zero-click attacks
Social engineering, deception becomes increasingly sophisticated
Lockbit ransomware gang hit the Portuguese municipal water utility Aguas do Porto
Frebniis malware abuses Microsoft IIS feature to create a backdoor
ENISA and CERT-EU warns Chinese APTs targeting EU organizations
Hackers disclose Atlassian data after the theft of an employee’s credentials

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