A week in security (February 13 – 19)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs:

  • What is AI good at (and what the heck is it, actually), with Josh Saxe: Lock and Code S04E04
  • Malwarebytes recognized as endpoint security leader by G2
  • CISA issues alert with South Korean government about DPRK\’s ransomware antics
  • Jailbreaking ChatGPT and other large language models while we can
  • French law to report cyberincidents within 3 days to become effective soon
  • Consent to gather data is a \”misguided\” solution, study reveals
  • Should you share passwords with your partner?
  • Android 14 developer preview highlights multiple security improvements
  • One in nine online stores are leaking your data, says study
  • New ESXiArgs encryption routine outmaneuvers recovery methods
  • TrickBot gang members sanctioned after pandemic ransomware attacks
  • Update now! Apple patches vulnerabilities in MacOS and iOS
  • Update now! February\’s Patch Tuesday tackles three zero-days
  • Four EU telco giants will start asking users if they want personalized targeted ads
  • WordPress sites backdoored with ad fraud plugin
  • Fake Hogwarts Legacy cracks lead to adware, scams
  • Arris router vulnerability could lead to complete takeover
  • Ransomware pushes City of Oakland into state of emergency
  • TikTok car theft challenge: Hyundai, Kia fix flaw
  • Mortal Kombat ransomware forms tag team with crypto-stealing malware
  • Two Supreme Court cases could change the Internet as we know it
  • iPhone calendar spam: What it is, and how to remove it

Stay safe!

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