Seven German Airports Hit by Suspected Cyber Attack

The ADV airport association reported that the websites of seven German airports were hit by a suspected cyber attack on Thursday.

Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, and Dortmund airports were among those impacted, but the websites for Germany’s three busiest airports: Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin—were all functioning normally.

Once again, airports fell victim to large-scale DDoS attacks. (…) According to the information we have so far, other systems are not affected.

Stated Ralph Beisel, Chief Executive at ADV.


As per Reuters, the chief executive also added that the websites of the seven airports were temporarily unavailable and also noted that the extent to which the issue will spread to other locations remains to be seen.

The incidents come a day after a massive IT failure at Lufthansa left thousands of passengers stranded.

Albrecht Duerer airport in Nuremberg, GermanyAlbrecht Duerer airport in Nuremberg, Germany


DDoS Attacks

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack prevents legitimate users from accessing their desired websites by flooding those specific sites’ servers with massive volumes of illegitimate requests. These attacks are usually performed by “hacktivists” in an attempt to knock them offline.

If you want to learn more about DDoS attacks and how to prevent them, check out this piece: DDoS Attack. How Distributed Denial of Service Works and How to Prevent It.

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