Burton Snowboards’ Online Orders Canceled Due to a Cyberattack

The well-known snowboard manufacturer, Burton Snowboards, announced that a cyberattack targeted the organization. Due to what they called a “cyber incident”, the manufacturer canceled all online orders starting on 14 February 2023.

What Do We Know Until Now

Burton explained that they are currently investigating the incident to establish its full impact. The company employed third-party help in its effort to get to the root of the attack. Until now, we still don’t know the nature of this disruption, the hacker’s motives, or who is behind it.

We recently experienced a cyber incident, which is impacting some of our operations. We are making every effort to get our operations back up and running, but are unfortunately not able to process orders at this time.


The good news is that, according to Burton’s privacy policy, sensitive information is not at risk in case of a data breach. The company’s site does not save clients’ credit card details or bank account numbers.

Burton Snowboards’ Online Orders Canceled Due to a CyberattackBurton Snowboards’ Online Orders Canceled Due to a Cyberattack


But, for the moment, all online orders are canceled. So, clients are advised to find the nearest Burton store for their shopping or to use the new online rental program.

If you need gear fast, visit a Burton store near you.

If you’re planning a trip, and want product shipped to your location, try out our new rental program.


Burton was founded in 1977 and is now one of the biggest snowboard brands. The company has thousands of stores all over the world, and offices in Australia, Austria, Canada, California, China, and Japan.

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